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Hand picked stories from upcoming authors with a flavour of life.


Hand picked Poems from upcoming authors with a flavour of life.

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Discover thousands of stories, poems, magazines and more at Syaahee. Read popular genres. Contents present in the Syaahee library are filled with endless emotions, thoughts, verses, and possibilities.

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Self-publish on Syaahee and join the largest community of writers. We provide a hassle free experience to make your act of writing a little less scary and a whole lot comforting.

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Syaahee brings writers and readers on a single platform. Get involved in the art of reading and maybe even become a writer yourself. 

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Syaahee was born with one thing in our minds – Freedom. With Syaahee you are never alone, never lonely and never scared. Read our extensive collection of short stories, novels, poems, magazines and more and see life thorugh a different lens. We made Syaahee with a lot of emotion, excitement and dedication and hope you feel the same. Be sure to check out our premium section for some of the best titles from upcoming authors of different genres. 


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